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8/14/2020 7:59:24 AM

Seems like the Irons are getting a little out of hand. The P7XX now has 7 different versions, plus the 2 SIM versions. Really, who can figure out which ones. Find the P7TW versions the most interesting. How many of these could they sell, only a very very limited amount of people on the planet could hit them. Tiger and most Tour players no problem, 99% of those that play Country Club golf, never. The distant club also is funny to me. Distance just means they adjusted the loft so the 8 is almost a 7 loft, etc.. Marketing, got to love those guys. Don't get me wrong TaylorMade makes good stuff, I just think they make to many versions.


8/14/2020 7:51:36 AM

Wonder what is going on at PXG. Price of everything has been cut, Gen2 irons $400 to $159, Drivers $595 to $295. Either newer stuff is coming out or they are just dumping product before boarding this place up. I think they found, there is just not that big a market for high end golf equipment. That and there is equipment is hard to find and try. Who is going to pay $595 for driver that can't hit first? I think they also shot themselves with the lots they put on their irons. Their 6 iron is most vendors 7 iron, I know it is just a label on a club but golfers have egos and no one wants to tell there buddy they hit 6 of their 8. Seems like many clubs have stopped even trying to sell the product. Also funny they make apparel, really, other than his daughter is President of the Apparel company. Find it hard to believe that could even come close to making any money, not that the GoDaddy man needs money.

Kirkland Wedges

8/14/2020 7:37:33 AM

Seems Kirkland is at it again with Wedges, 52, 56, 60, still not sure why they even want in the golf business, very hard business to make money, look at Nike, spent years in it and stopped.

Bryson - Tony

8/11/2020 6:00:23 AM

I totally respect what your doing for golf, I wondered for years why irons where not the same length. For you, keep it up, but add in a normal length Sand Wedge to improve your short game around the green. Mine is better than yours. I think you could become THE MAN, if you just saved more missed greens. Tony, your great for the game also. Your ball striking is right there with the best ever. Try Bryson's, Webb's, Langer's, someone else's putting style. I can't putt either, I am a 4, but would be scratch if I could putt. Both of you are great for the game, work hard, go win a major.

PGA Championship

8/11/2020 5:50:10 AM

Wow that was unique finish. Most of the time players tend to fold and only 1 is left standing. In general most of the players did great and made for an exciting finish. Until that 2, it was anyone's event to win. Brooks, do you not know the rule, "Don't talk shit until you hit", I have more majors than they do, made you look stupid. Again golf seems to be in a good place for new young talent. With the golf industry booming right now, since it is one of the few things you can do and stay safe, this could be putting golf back on the map.

SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

7/16/2020 5:59:42 AM

Kind of nerdy looking but an interesting concept in golf shoes. SQAIRZ.com. In short the squared off the toe of the golf shoe which gives you an alignment aid for your feet. Because the toes are squared you also get more room for your toes. Voted Best Golf of 2020, $199 price point which is getting to be normal for good shoes. Shoe is spiked and they will send you new spikes for life, but I doubt you ever wear out the spike. 2 Year Waterproof. Waiting for mine to arrive, but seems like a well thought out shoe. You will see, if its any good the Footjoy and others will copy.


7/6/2020 5:23:23 PM

The guy is a little odd, but you have to say he must have the wok ethic. Transform his body and swing to adapt. His approach is interesting and if he continues to have success you will see the youth follow his path. Hit it as long as possible and just develop a short game. The game more than ever has average Joes and Tour Players. It will become there are courses for each. Average Joes only need about 6500 yards or less. Tour Players need 7300+ or designers need to put in far more dog legs and large trees. Also long, long rough for missing a fairway from 300 to 400 yards. If they can hit 350+ and straight then let them do it.

Golf is back

6/9/2020 5:47:20 AM

Not really sure how you social distance Golf Fans at event, media will be, only 1 onsite announcer, everyone else in studio watching monitors, players can wear a mic if they want and speak into unmanned cameras. At 1 point caddies were out, but seems that has changed to optional now. If you did not know, it was a rule yu had to have a caddy. Will caddies pull ins and have bunker rakes. I bet they don't have noodles in the holes. DON'T get me wrong, I appreciate the courses doing that so I can play. No word yet on marshals. Maybe we actually see players lose balls off fairly good shots, just like we do. I hate when that occurs...

Finally some to talk about

5/11/2020 8:25:59 AM

Charity match between Woods-Manning, Mickelson-Brady should be interesting, not sure Brady can trash talk as good as the other 3, maybe Jordan would have been better for that. Could be interesting to watch. Singh playing Korn Ferry Tour, sorry I don't agree with the media bashing him on it, if he qualifies why not, he adds a draw to watch just like a football or basketball player. Yes, it takes a spot away, but that occurs all the time on the PGA Tour when they let in people just because of past relationships. If events can randomly turn people away, they all become invitationals. Stay safe, wear a mask.

Golf Deals

4/17/2020 6:10:03 AM

I don't plug many, but RockBottomGolf.com is 20 years old, great web success story, some fairly good deals going on right now. Golf is coming back, kind of, I wonder is sponsors get discounts for no ticket sales, they should save on giving out shorts and hats for volunteers

When to begin again

4/11/2020 8:09:21 AM

I think it is getting close but we do need to use caution, still no large groups, no sporting events, sorry I am a devote Christian and dedicated to attending local church but that also needs to wait some, food still needs to be to go, but maybe allow people 1 at a time walk in to order or get food, let all stores reopen, but based upon square footage limit the number of people in, have employees continue to wear mask for their protection, if you even have a COLD stay home, in general people need to learn to stay home when sick with anything, we need to get economy going again, but with caution, my biggest comment is STOP THE POLITICS OF BASHING TRUMP, governments only concern should be health and well being of citizens and the economy.

Golfing now

4/11/2020 8:01:32 AM

Seems some think it is OK, others not so much, I think it is OK because it is an escape for me and they can make it safe, no flag stick, no bunker rakes, no ball washers, you can play and never touch something someone else touched and easily stay 20 feet away from others. Don't be quick to judge, it keeps people working and keeps other mind off what is going on...

What a time

4/5/2020 7:18:17 AM

To those at home, thank you, to those still getting out for next to nothing stop, I want to play golf again, if all just slow down for 2 to 3 weeks, this will stop, think of the days where almost everyone just worked on the farm, never wet everywhere, just do it for that short window, Seems hard but those that need those jobs want back to work, so your trip to get plants at Lowes or play dates in the park, stop it, get this over with, we can recover. It is not fair to health care workers to create work for them that is totally avoidable with a little common sense. This might not be the end of times, but very well could be the start of the end, God is attempting 1 more time to get our attention, think about it, you can't see God, but he exist, you can't see this virus in the air, but it exists...

Golf or No Golf

3/31/2020 9:22:06 AM

I fall on the Golf side, given, walk don't use a cart, that way you can stay away from other players. No push carts either. Course should remove flag sticks, bunker rakes, ball washers. Don't touch the golf balls of others, tap it back to them. Walk apart down the fairways. Given that, it keeps a few people employed which I think is just as important. I don't want anyone getting sick or dying like everybody, but many that work courses are not high income workers and missing 1 or 2 pay check can be devastating to them. It is very hard to balance x number getting sick or passing versus maybe millions not having an income and suffering those issues. It is a tough call.

Stop in Insanity

3/13/2020 5:55:11 AM

People it is a virus, they come and go all the time, yes wash your hands, if your feeling ill stay away from others, but you should be doing that away. How do you think you catch any cold or flu. We are creating our own problem and going to send the economy into a depression that makes the 1930 look good. In p[professional sports it not the owners or athletes that get hurt here, it is the person scanning your ticket, selling you that beer, the parking person, they all get hurt here and can't pay their bills now. Live a normal life, just be smart about it.

Palmer Stop

3/9/2020 8:39:40 AM

An only 4 players break PAR, the US OPEN broke out early. This past weekend shows length does not bother Pro’s but wind and hard greens sure do, mix in a little rough. I really would not want to watch that kind of gold every week but now and then it is good to see them struggle. For these weeks it really takes solid ball strikers. Very unusually week on the money break down, NO Ties at 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place. That almost never happens. You don’t think every shot matter, 1st was $1.6m, 4th $455k, 3 shots worth $1.2m. If you did not see the tour also signed a new TV deal with Disney and ESPN+. All their deals bring TV money up to $2b a year. I have a feeling more and more of the extra coverage will start costing monthly fees., thus the +.

World Golf

2/24/2020 4:36:04 PM

Not really a Reed fan, but he did put up the required score. Even played very smart on 18 after the bad tee shot. DeChambeau folded, sorry kid but the pressure got to you the couple of holes. Overall turn into an interesting event considering how many the lead changed over the 4 days. Kind of interesting how no one could keep it going for all 4 days. DeChambeau is putting it out there, he has bulked up. Nice to Hovland get a win in the other event. If nothing else, I think this you man will win a lot of money over the years.

S7K Putter

2/14/2020 11:50:32 AM

S7K Putter, always someone selling something. This Is not a new concept; over the years we have seen this before. Let’s just say the S7K is a solid putter. My issues: One , if you take that much time to line it up, move away, check it and move back in. That is way too much time and if you adjust it and do it again I am going to give you a stroke penalty for taking to much time. Two, this product is making a big assumption that you can reads putters. Three, this product is assuming you make a good solid stroke each time. Be real S7K, just buying this putter is not going to make me a better putter. As a general statement, it is hard for me to believe any 1 off putter company can make a better putter than all the Big Dogs, simply because they spend major $$$ truly engineering faces that make the ball roll better. Just to be clear, I have not hit this putter, it could be great, but years of playing golf and studying equipment, the odds are not very high that this putter is all that good. They would probably be better off just selling this as a training aid so you learn to line up putts to your line.


2/10/2020 8:04:18 AM

Nick Taylor, unless you’re a friend of his you probably never heard of him. Just shows you how deep the tour is. A player ranked 200+ just blows the field away, looked like some of Tigers old wins. I hope I am wrong, but most likely this is just a one-off week for Taylor where everything fell into place. The list of players that have these one-off wins is very long. Technically this was win number two, but win number one was down in Jackson, MS which is more like a Korn Ferry Event. Again, I hope I am wrong, and we see Taylor’s name many more times in the future. Poor Phil, kind of fell apart on Sunday. The Pro-AM part of that event always kills me, getting to 30+ is always the winner, but to do that the amateur has to play well and make use of handicap holes. I always question how accurate the handicap is because if you’re a 10 at your local club, odds are you are not creaking 85 at those courses. It was great to see Peyton and Eli at the event. I am sure they had a big following. Sorry I don’t pay that much attention to the Korn Ferry events, but name from the past Camilo Villegas is making a come back. He has started this year off nicely.


2/7/2020 3:41:01 PM

USGA decides distance is an issue and will spend time and money studying it. What a waste of time. First of all, distance is only an issue on the various tours and college level. Average golfers don’t really hit it that far. I play golf every week and play with many different people and rarely do I run into the player that hit it 250, much less 300. On tour it is a simple fix, rough and tight pins. Narrow fairways from 280 to 320 yards to 10 or 15 yards, keep they rough at 6 inches and the tour guy will dial it back. While I agree it is fun to watch a player hit it 300 plus, it takes more talent to hit that 7 iron into a tight pin. It is not that hard of an issue to solve. Just like forcing the groove change, the sellers of clubs will figure out a way to make clubs easier to hit and fly longer for good swings.

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