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The Open

7/16/2019 6:12:40 AM

Like how they claim the name, the Open. Looks for deals coming and going this week. Taylormade put the TP with spots on Sale, the Millar clothing line on sale and Spider putters. That is new for a brand to run a short sale. Gfore has several items on sale, which are still high because of their price point. William Murray Golf seems to be on the rise, they have launched several new prints. The items are not as loud as you would expect. Ping G410 LST Driver is out, another promise of more distance. New adjustment device allows for 8 different settings in 1 club. Dylan Frittelli won the John Deere with a complete bag from Callaway, all clubs, putter and ball. That is unusual. Titleist has a new U500 Utility club, not sure where this category is coming from. From 16 to 22 degrees. Always selling us something easier to hit, sure it is for a Pro.

This Week in Golf 7-8-19

7/8/2019 6:33:17 AM

Another example how you can play golf your way, its just the 4 inches before and after the ball that counts. Lets see how often he can keep it up, congrats Wolff. $1.152m nice way to start a career. Furyke made $50m with a wacky swing, go for it young man. Wolff's bag is also completely Taylormade, except the ball. Very odd these days. Seeing the new crop of college golfers getting into events and it shows, some of these guys can play. DeChambeau, still not sure about this guy, he seems to run very hot and cold. He definitely has to much going on in his head but what do I know he makes more than me playing a game. Daly wanting a cart again at a major in which he can not win. Good for them telling him no. Rahm wins Irish Open with great final round, $1.4m. Scotty Cameron releases new Teryllium-insert putter family at only $599. I know you hit more shots with you putter than any other club, what is teryllium and is it really going to help me make more putts.

Stop Buying from NIKE

7/2/2019 11:42:30 AM

Seems Nike was going to produce a shoe with the US Flag on it and Kaepernick told Nike that would be offensive so they stopped production. Not that I have influence but stop buying anything Nike. Plenty of vendors Titleist, Puma, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, the list goes on have USA based items and no one is offended. Why they keep listening to a washed up loser like Kaepernick is beyond me. Sorry you insult every person in the military and their families when you to not stand up for the US. If you don't like was going on, move find out how good you really have it.

Golf pricing

6/21/2019 6:21:01 AM

If you are an equipment buff, warning signs are out from Callaway dropping prices on Rogue iron woods and X Series, Cobra dropping King F8, that always means new product is coming so their dumping the old product. Seems there still prior generation ProV1's out there too at $39 a dozen. Seen some price drops on Ogio Shadow bags by $30. If you don't know Callaway now owns Ogio, thus whu Ogio use to make 10 or so bags, not they make about 5. You will see a new round if discounts as the Open nears.


6/17/2019 6:01:25 AM

Congrats to Woodland, guy played great all 4 days, Pebble continues to stand the test of time, don't need 7500 yard tracks with rough, small fast greens. Kopeka - 2nd Masters, Wins PGA, 2nd US OPEN, the guy loves majors what else can you say, he has admitted he gets bored at a normal tour event. FOX, learn how to cover golf, way to many special little clips, talking to people we don't care to hear from, way to many shots played recorded, golf is about showing live golf, your coverage is D at best.

Pebble Beach

6/9/2019 5:36:06 PM

3 Courses I think are special, St Andrews, Masters and Pebble Beach. I have been to Masters and Pebble. Both are unique in their own ways. If you ever get a chance to attend Pebble Beach event in Feb try to attend. Tickets are easy to get and only about $150 for the week. They bus you in because there is not parking, but the trip is quick about 15 minutes. Even if you do not like golf, go for the views, they are awesome. For golfers number 7 plays far more up hill than you can see on TV. The little par 3 eighth is amazing hard and so short, looks like it could fall off the cliff. The wind is so strange, the holes right on the water it can be blowing hard enough to make it hard to walk around and the just slightly inland holes might not feel any of it. As they say, by PGA standards the greens are small. The Feb event has sports stars and Hollywood types with each Pro. When I attended Josh Duhamel ask me which way a putt breaks because he wants to make the cut. Kevin Costner walks up and gives my wife signed ball. Kevin James tells jokes while waiting to hit the next shot. An yes, they all get upset with themselves when they miss a shot just like us. The both become real people just trying to play the best golf they can. The area has plenty of other parks and things to see, go if you can even if you don't like golf.

LPGA / Titleist New Equipment

6/5/2019 6:25:22 AM

I am not a Hank fan, but is what he said really that bad, if you don't like him, don't listen to his show. In his odd way, he is right, APAC region of the world controls womens golf and hardly anyone can name but a couple of players. Not good when you need business sponsors. MorningRead did a good piece on it, http://www.morningread.com/features/3511dd3f-a7cd-4627-994d-74241cab45d6. Equipment never stops changing, another new driver from Titleist TS1 and TS4 at the new wonderful MAP Price of $499, another reason people are avoiding golf, 1 club. Their Hybrid 818 just got a price cut from $279 to $199, which normally means a new version of that is coming soon, probably at the $299 MAP Price. I am not picking in Titleist they all do this. Golf market gets away with price fixing which is against US laws, what they makers do is if you advertise or sell the product below MAP price they drop your account, thus everyone is forced to sell at MAP. Cell Phone makers get away with the same thing.

Equipment Prices

5/29/2019 6:34:21 AM

I know companies have to make money but seems golf clubs prices keep going through the roof. Callaway has the Toulon line of putters at $449 each. While you use a putter on every home, WOW. All big brands are also stretching the limits on driver prices, many are getting to the PXG price point of $575. Many Hybrids and Fairway woods are hitting the $299 price point. You thought car prices drop quickly, check clubs prices. Priced out Titleist Hyrbid H1's recently $279 new, eBay is full of them used on fairly good shape for $75 to $100. Used price point is much easier to take than the new. An who is XXIO? Their new Prime XP1000 Driver is $849, better hit every fairway and add 30 yards for that price point. Soon your local golf shop will be offering 24 month financing. You will be upside down 1 week after purchase. On a serious note, they keep talking expand the game, well equipment prices have to stay steady for a while, I know they won't drop. Your could easily now have $3000 in clubs in the bag: $500 driver, 2 $300 Fairway Woods/Hybrids, $450 Putter, $1500 in irons and wedges or worse. Remember just a month ago Titeist hit the market with a $500 per iron set.

NA Wins Supports thoughts on PGA Courses

5/28/2019 6:44:37 AM

Congrats to Na, he is a grinder that gets it done. He also supports what I and many others say about PGA and US Open picking long bombers courses. Last week they played a keep it in play course which allowed even the shortish in terms of PGA length to compete. Na is a solid PGA Tour Player but being honest there are only a hand full of events he can probably win just due to length. Taylormade is introducing new Clothing Line by Peter Millar. Interesting since the sold Adidas since they did not want to be in the clothing business. I think they see all the money Millar is making selling $150 shorts. Collection starts at about $84 for Polo's and goes up. Club House news is FootJoy is about to introduce a higher end line of cloths at about Lillar pricing or just above. Sorry folks, I just don't get spending $100 - $75 for a Polo shirt you can get for about $30ish if you just wait or don't buy that high end brand name. Is it really worth the extra $$$.


5/21/2019 8:49:04 AM

Amazing how Koepka gets no respect from the media, 4 majors, Couples is in HOF with 1 major, like both guys don't get me wrong, but Koepka knows how to play hard courses. Note to PGA, don't pick places for bombers only, 500 yards par 4's take a number of people out of it, bombers just hit 325+ in the rough and can get it to or around the green, avg tour guy can't do that. Susie Whaley great for golf, always done a great job at every level. Her opening statement greatest field in golf, please, you have 22 club pro's, numerous past PGA champs, really only had maybe 30 guys in the field that could win. Grant you Sung Kang, Jazz a few surprises showed up, but far from best field in golf. Another under the radar surprise Matt Kucher, +1, throw out the 2 bombers he is 3 off the lead. Pebble will be more interesting because in the fairway will be key, not hitting it 330. For me, I would rather see a guy have to hit the fairway at 250 and hit to a small green or area of the green so show he has control. Nothing against Koepka, HOF'er for the 4 majors, work of advice, come out of your shell, let people see who you are, you could have Daly type crowds for your power but you have to pull in people.


5/16/2019 5:13:34 PM

TNT needs to learn how to telecast a major, seems they show 3 shots and go to another commercial. That and too many specials bits, show the golf. Good weekend to buy some new golf gear, plenty of specials, just shop.

Really Daly gets In

5/8/2019 12:39:58 PM

Nothing against Daly, he was good for golf, brought in new people, still does a great deal for his Ark community, hats off to him for all that, but why in the world would he want to take a spot in the PGA on one the hardest courses used, extremely long and hard to walk. He is going to shot 80+ for 2 days and go home. John go be part of the event, do what past champions do, but know when to stop playing, your out of your element with those young bucks...You old not disabled, I am all for the Casey Martins old the world with a true disabilities getting a break to play, that good for the game...

TM Orginal

5/7/2019 6:17:24 AM

TaylorMade has bought out a new Original Metal Driver with 2019 standards, but I am not sure I understand the point. Does anyone really was a 275cc head driver? Not cheap either $399. Wells Fargo...Amazing how some weeks these guys come out of no where to win. Max Homa and Joel Dahmen could have made you a mint betting on them. Just shows you how many good players there are around the world, just just need a good week or a break just to get into an event. Hats off to both guys. To have Rose, Garcia and Fowler on your back and they both did amazing jobs. McIlroy does not seem to be trending positive lately. Sundays have not been his friend, which is a little strange to me, he does not need the money or the status, just play. Home and Dahman need the money and the status and they shined. Not golf but the horse got ripped off, yes he moved over but the rule also says it had to alter the course of the race, no other horse was going to catch him.

New Equipment

5/1/2019 8:03:33 AM

Talyormade is hitting the market with P-7TW Irons, odds are no one can hit them but a tour pro, definitely try before you buy. Demand is very high. Taylormade has also created a limited addition of the Original TM metal header driver. I had one. TM also has some new Spider X putters in Copper and Navy. Titleist is releasing 2 new iron sets CNCPT CP-01 and CP-02, $500 per club, $4000 per set. Very thin face we a new material, they have not disclosed. Again, great looking club but I would be shocked if the average golfer can hit theses. Ping is offering the ARCCOS Grip in its clubs which helps you get stats on your swing. You can learn a great deal about your game from our Game Tracker. It takes a little time but the stats will point out your flaws.

Callaway Limited Wedges

4/29/2019 6:10:17 AM

https://cmp.callawaygolf.com/2019/04/blind-auction-callaway-customs-tour-limited-patriot-wedges/?ssoid=EF3092F9-8AA7-4335-A92A-FE6CDF5B9D9A&smtrctid=469850&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=promotional&utm_campaign=2019-04-27-CG-No1Drivers Callaway has created custom wedges for charity, right now you can bid on Wedges for Helping Our Patriots Everywhere. Nice way to give something back.

C.T. PAN - Congrats - In the bag

4/22/2019 6:24:37 AM

Very interesting make up in his bag. Mainly a Titleist guy, add in a NIKE 2 Iron (that is weird, maybe because of the short course this week), 718 T-MB 4 Iron, 718 AP2 5-9, then 4 wedges, smallish body structure 5ft6 for 4 wedges, 46, 52 and 62 Vokey's, then a prototype 58. His putter is also a prototype Scotty Cameron. Purely my guess, but I would say prototype means custom built just for him. No disrespect intended here, but for a guy you have barely heard of to have custom wedge and putter is interesting. But who am I to say, his has won $4.8m in his career, $4.8m more than I could ever win, CONGRATS to C.T. On another note, how about Matt Kuchar at age 40 leading the FedEx Cup. Shows you don't have to be a bomber to make money, Matt has 104 top 10's, 9 wins and yes $49million in career earnings, that just official money, while he is not at the top of the endorsement game, you can bet he picks up enough to cover his Net Jet...

Video from TaylorMade

4/18/2019 11:13:49 AM

Nice little video from TaylorMade Golf on their staff players, Tiger, DJ, etc hitting the GAPR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu6jwXWg5s8

In Tiger's Bag

4/15/2019 8:14:50 AM

Interesting that they post what a player used each week. For Tiger TaylorMade M5 9 Degrees, Mitsubishi Shaft. That shaft is new in his bag. M3 13 and 19 Degree woods, same shaft. Bridgestone Tour B XS ball, all this you can buy and it would be like his. Irons P-7 TW model, Milled Grind 56, 60 degrees wedges, don't be fooled here, his are custom made for him, the model you buy is close but not like his. Same for his Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter, close but his is custom done. I have talked about this before, don't buy clubs because any player plays them. Hit clubs you hit best, try them all. If you can go to Club Champion and get fitted. It makes a difference. Don't pay any attention to brand names or shaft stiffness, play what fits. Don't get a TaylorMade 3 wood, because your driver is TaylorMade. Buy what fits your game. My bag has PING, TaylorMade, Adams and Cleveland clubs.

History Made

4/14/2019 4:04:44 PM

Extra special for me since I got to attend Monday practice and see Tiger in action. Amazing how he has matured to appreciate what he accomplished and to share it with his family. This will go down as one of the greatest comebacks in sports. We just introduced new features: Tournament and/or League signup, setup and management. All FREE...


4/9/2019 6:45:24 PM

Attended the Masters Monday 4-8, WOW an experience of a life time. Everything is done to perfection. Parking, food service, getting from parking to the course. Nothing is left to chance. All food service, toilets, extra building are hidden by plants and trees. Walk in at 7:20 to practice area Tiger, Couples and J Thomas warming up for an 8am start on the back 9. At 8am already several thousand following this group. Number #12 Amen corner par 2, Thomas goes a long over the flag and green, Tiger hits it to 2 feet, crowd already goes nuts. Freddy hits it inside Tiger to 1 foot. Tiger is impressed, gives Freddy the old fist bump. At 16, all 3 go to the front of the tee and hit the skip on the water ball at the same time, Tiger hits the best shot. What an experience to see. Food is really that cheap, $1.50 and $2 for sandwiches, $1.50 all drinks, including beer, everything is labeled MASTERS, no brand names allowed anywhere. Merchandise building is another matter, extremely well ran, but everything is $$$, polos $89 to $250, hats $28 and up, 140 cashers and they are all busy. All staff is well trained to make every experience positive. Go to the bath room and you will be welcomed, greeted and thanked by multiple people thanking for attending the Masters and to enjoy your day. If anyone ever ask you to go, make it happen. The slogan an experience like no other is completely true.

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