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Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood

3/22/2019 1:46:44 PM

Tried out the M6 Fairway Wood today, liked the feel and sound of the club, got fairly good distance, I tend to hit fairway woods low and this was still lower than I like so it did not help that for me. For anyone try clubs before you buy them, try on multiple days, most swing change some from day to day. I would put the M6 on a list one woods to try out. Always try at the course if you can, worst case, it will cost you, but Club Champion fitting process works. Heads are important but shafts are more important. Most people get to stiff a shaft. Also ignore shaft firmness letters in graphite. There is no standard in graphite, each maker just labels them to meet their needs. Again ignore the letter, get what you hit the best. In general the less firm the shaft the more pop you get.

Update on Titleist Golf Ball Offer

3/22/2019 1:34:22 PM

All major vendors now have the Titleist Golf Bag Offer up, if you have not done it before, you make a purchase for 3 dozen personalized balls and you get 4 dozen shipped to you. Don't put the 4th in your cart, the 4th will come direct from Titleist. The offer is from Titleist not any store. This offer has occurred for several years now and usually last until Fathers Day.

The Players

3/17/2019 6:41:10 PM

Just what TV likes, at 1 point 5 players were tied for the lead. Give Rory credit he hung in there after Sat and got the job done today. While that is a good story, Jim is a better one. I guy who did not even get into the event until Monday, at 48 comes within 1. Great job. Hard to rate Tiger, take away 1 hole he is at -10, which is 16th. Not bad, but also not looking like a guy ready to win a major.


3/14/2019 1:47:17 PM

Taylormade is copies the Callaway Ball Truvis, but why not. I can tell you from using the Callaway version is it great for practice and play. It really lets you see the spin you put on chip shots so it is great feedback. I have seen Phil using the Callaway ball in practice rounds. I find it also helps you focus on normal shots to look at a spot on the ball for great focus. The New TP5 is a good ball. For most us, any of the high end balls can do the trick. I have played ProV1x, Callaway Chrome Soft and Taylormade TP5. Like all 3, for me Callaway seems to fly a bit further. TP5 might be better, still testing.

Who Writes This Stuff

3/13/2019 7:58:17 PM

Been playing golf 40 years, hold a 4 handicap, almost never miss a fairway 240ish off the tee, just so so iron player, average at best putter, better chipper than most. I built clubs for people for 10 years, sold travel bags and golfs bags to 10 years online, still do all general maintenance on my own clubs. Carried the score sign at the FedEx St Jude event for 25 years, so I have walked 100 rounds with PROS. The 500 ranked guy plays a different game than we do.


3/13/2019 7:45:20 PM

Happy Camper...I have been blessed with 2 tickets to the Monday practice round at the MASTERS. Never been, I can not wait for the experience. Monday, cameras are allowed so I will be posting pictures. Plan on walking the entire course, want to see the guys bounce balls off the water on 16. I write about the experience later.

Titleist Golf Ball Offer

3/13/2019 7:33:56 PM

From now until Fathers Day buy 3 dozen, get the 4th dozen free. Includes getting 3 lines imprinted on the ball, good offer.

Slow Play

2/18/2019 12:00:00 AM

Tour has to do something about slow play. They already have a person walking with each group taking down all the stats, detailing every shot. Add a process for them to press hit and time stamp it. You can easily see who is taking to long. Take the list and post to the world just like every other stat. Shame them into faster play. I play with a group that can walk, carry the bag, 4 guys and we play in 3 hours. 3:15 on a slow day, it is not hard.

New Equipment

2/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

Not that equipment has not made golf easier and made PROS hit the ball further, but I doubt if average hacker sees that much difference. If I had the extra 5 to 7 yards for each generation of new drivers since 2000, I should be hitting it 300+ yards. I know they need to sell equipment, but lets be real can the guy with a 15 handicap really tell the difference between the last 3 Callaway drivers. Not picking on Callaway you could be put in any equipment company.

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